Hood 24000 Series

Lift Capacity - 24,000 lbs


Maximum horizontal reach 30'

optional booms to 32'

Main boom pin 3 1/2" diameter

knuckle boom pin 3" diameter

fabricated main boom with cylinder guard design



Pad size                 24" x 24"

(4) four hydraulic stabilizers with internal hydraulic locks, 6" x 24" cylinders and hinge type pads



John Deere: 6.8L Final Tier IV            200 HP @ 2200 RPM

Hydraulic System Boom Cylinders: 

Main boom (2 cylinders) - 6" bore x 48" stroke x 3" rod

below grade with cushion stops

jib boom (1 cylinder) - 7" bore x 36" stroke x 3 1/2" rod

All cylinder barrels are heavy wall tubing. Pistons and glands are cast iron and feature replaceable wear rings. Cylinder rods are heavy chrome plated.

Hydraulic reservoir-                                       Capacity - 120 gallons

Filters-                                                                     Intake return type

Pumps-                                 vane pumps 30-25-21 GPM 1200 RPM

Control Valves: 

valves are stack-type with optional servo activators.

Operating Pressures: 

All hydraulic systems operate at 2,000 PSI

Manifold-                                                      8 port (optional 10 or 13 port)


All pressure are double-wire braided. Hydraulic tubing is used on areas where flexing is not required.

Fuel reservoir-                                                              140 Gallons


continuous rotation with (2) planetary swing drive gearbox and a 43" diameter turntable bearing. Fail safe type parking break.

Operators Platform: 

Designed for easy cab access

Cab-  38" x 60"  w/ dome light, heater, defroster, wiper and fan

Weight- (Approximate)                                                  28,000 lbs.


Booms to 32'

Dead Heel & Live Heel

Hydraulic Cab High Riser

Boom and Cab Lights

Air Conditioning

10 or 13 Port Manifolds

CTR Slasher Hook up

Double Direct Drive Plate (no clutch)

Single Clutch & Double Clutch

Combination Hydraulics & Fuel Tank

Servo System