Hood Loader 8000 Series


11,900 pounds @ 10 feet radius


Standard boom length 22 feet. Optional boom lengths available up to 27 feet

48” extend-o boom option available

Main and knuckle boom sections are fabricated high tensile steel and reinforced at all stress points

3” diameter pivot pins made from high strength yield steel


12” square pivoting pad size

3-1/2” bore x 40” stroke x 2” rod cylinders

Individually controlled from operators’ seat with a 10’ – 6” wide spread at ground level

Automatic cylinder load locks for maximizing stability on uneven terrain



Main cylinder - 6" bore x 42" stroke x 3" rod fabricated heavy wall tubing barrel

Knuckle cylinder - 6" bore x 30" stroke x 3" rod fabricated heavy wall tubing barrel

Joystick operated linkage controls

Tandem hydraulic circuits operating at 2,250 PSI allowing simultaneous operations

Double and triple section gear or vane pumps providing up to 31 + 31 + 20 GPM @ 1500 RPM

40 gallon loader frame mounted or truck mounted hydraulic reservoir with 10 micron return line filters

4-wire reinforced braided hoses in all pressure applications

High pressure tubing used in non-flex areas



630 degrees rotation

Hydraulic motor with fail safe brake powered planetary gearbox driving external tooth 30” turntable bearing



Fabricated high-tensile steel octagon construction.

Operator’s platform open grate steel flooring and leg guard for safety


Telescoping extend-o boom with separate valve and foot operator

Larger main cylinder - 7" bore x 42" stroke x 3-1/2" rod fabricated heavy wall tubing barrel

Wider fold out stabilizers with a 14’ wide spread at ground level

Continuous rotation 10 port pressure manifold

Hydraulic joystick servo system controls

Hydraulic oil cooler

Hydraulic oil tank heater

Light kits and over the road travel light bars

Ladder mounted chain boxes

Full range of attachments including continuous grapples



6,100 pounds with hydraulic oil and less attachments